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Polyram Group Coming to Evansville....

Evansville is a growing community. With that comes more job opportunities for the people in our area, and a big announcement was recently made in regards to that.

Polyram Group, a global producer of raw materials for the plastics industry, will locate its first U.S. production facility in Evansville, with plans to create more than 50 new jobs by 2022. This is great news for Vanderburgh County, as it will surely lead to a great economic boost.

The Israel-based manufacturer has leased from Woodward Commercial Realty, who built and is now renovating the 100,000-square-foot facility in the Vanderburgh Industrial Park.
The Polyram Group and Woodward Commercial Development and Construction, INC are under way updating the facility to meet its industrial service requirements and installing equipment to produce plastic additives and adhesives for the compounding and food packaging industries.

While the company doesn’t plan on starting operations in the Indiana plant until early 2018, they will begin the hiring process much earlier. Polyram Group plans to hire its Indiana plant manager and human resource manager this summer. Hiring for all other positions, including warehousing, maintenance, shift leader, machine operating, accounting and lab jobs, will follow later this year and early next year.

When asked why Evansville was selected to be the first U.S. based plant, Sharon Segev, chief operating officer at Polyram, said “The Evansville area is internationally known for its deep plastic industry roots. Its ideal logistical location and availability of a highly-skilled workforce with all the skill sets required for plastic manufacturing were key factors contributing to our decision.”

This will surely be a great thing for Evansville and its residents as far as economy and jobs go.

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